About Us

La Magie is a product that is about expression, purity and fashion.  Expression as it allows the user to express their true color.  Purity as it allows the user to do so without heavy chemicals and other harmful products found in similar offerings.  Fashion as it’s a product with its roots in the heart of fashion.

La Magie is at the very core, a nail polish. While we love the fashion side of nail polish, we hate the nasty side of the product.  Many of these products have toluene; formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) in them, chemicals that we want no part of in our products. Certainly not in a product with children in mind.

La Magie, LLC nail polish is the creation of nail polish obsessed, Maggie. When Maggie had her first child she became conscious about what children put on and in their bodies, she discovered there was not a children’s safe nail polish that had colors that met her desires. Raising children in New York City, Maggie recognized the growing trend of kids wanting their nails polished and frequent nail salons with their mothers.  (There are more nail salons per mile in NYC then anywhere on the planet..) She also wanted to develop a product that not only had fantastic colors but also non-toxic, washes off and is not tested on animals. The polish has a glossy finish and can be removed with just soap and water rather than any harsh chemicals. La Magie is also safe for pregnant women and nail biters.

So what makes La Magie different. First, it was developed and is manufactured in France.  Second, we offer a selection of wash off and peel off products.  While they won’t last as long as traditional nail polish offerings, they are entirely non-toxic.  If you don’t believe us, they are inspected by the FDA (as they are imported) and have independently tested and certified via toxicology reports.  We are not messing around with the safety of our customers.

Thank you